Bespoke Courses

Just as all organisations are different, your training needs will be different to others.

  • Are you looking for coaching training that is tailored more specifically to your staff development needs?

  • Are you looking for something bespoke that will factor in a range of previous coaching experience, training and other staff development needs?

  • Did you receive coaching training a while ago and now want a refresher?

  • Have you tried developing coaching programmes and it hasn’t quite worked, and you’d li: pke a fresh perspective?

  • Have you received some coaching training and are now ready for something more advanced?

Excellent course that transformed the way I managed staff development. This increased the capacity of staff, unleashing potential, and increased school performance immediately.
Phil, CEO

At Square Two, we’ve worked with several organisations who, li: pke you, are looking for something more bespoke.

Examples of our previous bespoke training:

  1. A course for a team of senior leaders who wanted to develop a coaching approach to their appraisal meetings and systems

  2. A 3-day training course to Special Educational Needs leaders, which included using coaching skills with students

  3. We’ve also created several bespoke training events for staff teams who will be recipients of coaching, so they know what to expect and see coaching as positive, developmental and supportive (which it is), rather than judgemental and divisive (which it isn’t)

Debbie is very encouraging and fills you with confidence. All questions are answered fully. Great course. Would recommend it.
Asma Iqbal

Find out more

To keep things nice and simple you have 2 options, both of which do not commit you to booking anything at this stage.

Option 1 - Complete our bespoke Training Needs online form, and we will follow this up with a call at suitable time and date

Option 2 - Book a call via our Contact Us page

The training and delivery were excellent and I received high quality materials. I was given help and support throughout the course. Coaching is a powerful tool and I have seen first hand the impact it can have. It has led to positive results within the classroom and developed our staff. It has been a privilege to watch them grow and improve their practice.
Key Stage Leader, Primary School, Nottingham