Coaching Skills Training Courses

Add coaching to your repertoire of skills to enhance your own practice, as well as that of your colleagues / teams.

These courses are for you if:

  • You’re a senior leader who is keen to develop your staff teams to be more solution-focused, self-reflective, confident and motivated practitioners

  • You’re responsible for developing a coaching programme in your organisation

  • You’re a team leader who wants to enhance your leadership and communication skills

  • You want to become an independent coach working for yourself

Benefits for you

5 of the Dulwich College Singapore group celebrate completing the course
  • You'll have increased resilience

  • You'll become more solution-focused

  • You'll become more effective at setting and achieving personal and work-based goals

  • You'll become a better communicator within and between teams

  • Self-coaching will improve a wide range of aspects of your practice / leadership

  • You’ll be more confident at managing both unexpected and planned ‘difficult’ conversations

Benefits for those you coach

  • Colleagues will become more solution-focused

  • Increased confidence in all aspects of their jobs

  • Better work-life balance and increased wellbeing

  • Workplace relationships are managed more effectively

  • You become skilled at helping others set and achieve work-place targets

Applying your coaching skills

Once trained, you’ll be able to use your coaching skills in one of 3 ways:

  1. Formal coaching sessions

  2. Informally, as part of your general communication toolkit. For example:

    • empowering others to find their own solutions
    • within appraisal / performance management meetings (increasing self-reflection, creating more meaningful targets and appropriate planning, etc.)
    • planned and unplanned difficult conversations
    • ensuring team meetings have a clearer focus and are more productive

  3. Self-coaching
    By using a coaching mindset, plus your skills and tools, you’ll be able to:

    • create more well-formed goals you can achieve
    • speed up achievement of your goals
    • help your overcome barriers to success and much more


"An Introduction to Coaching"

1 Day Course

Be clear about what coaching is, where it can be applied, and what the key skills of coaching are.

This useful coaching overview will give staff who attend a positive and informative start to their involvement in any coaching programmes you create in your organization.

All delegates will have an opportunity to see a live coaching demonstration and try it for themselves.


"Coaching Skills For Leaders"

Accredited 4 Day* Course

This training includes an option to gain a Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring, with the Institute of Leadership & Management.

It’s particularly useful for those responsible for developing coaching programmes within their organisations, anyone wanting to become an independent coach, or anyone wanting to add accredited coaching skills to their CV.


Bespoke In-house Training

Duration by Agreement

This is the most frequently requested training at Square Two.

Training sessions from 2 hours to 3 or more days can be developed depending on the stage of coaching development in your organization. Whether you’re new to coaching, need a refresher, or your staff are ready for something more advanced, we create coaching training to suit your needs.


* The days are non-consecutive, and are spread out across 3 or 4 months, with developmental coaching practice tasks and sessions to do between the face-to-face training days.

For information or to book your Coaching Skills Training programme:

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