Leadership Coaching

Whether you lead a team, a project, a department or an organization, 1-1 Leadership Coaching is a highly valuable and powerful resource to support and develop you as a leader.

  • It provides that safe space to talk about any issues and development areas in a confidential environment

  • It challenges you to ensures your development as well as recognizing your strengths and how these can be maximised

  • It increases your confidence for managing others, including those ‘unplanned for’ moments

  • It gives you more personal tools and strategies that you can use to manage your workload and the demand of your team

“But it feels a little self-indulgent to be spending an hour on myself, when I have so many tasks to do!”

Leaders who work with me feel like they’ve invested their time & money wisely.

I specialize in helping leaders manage the big picture and daily challenges that leadership brings, focusing on 2 key areas:

  1. How you manage and lead colleagues

  2. How you combine workload with wellbeing, so you avoid burn out

Here are some of the benefits you could gain from working with me:

  • You’re more able to stay positive and motivate your team

  • You lead more confidently, assertively and don’t second guess yourself

  • You have more energy to manage daily tasks and unexpected challenges

  • You’re more focused on what needs to be done, and are less likely to get distracted

  • You’re able to maintain clarity about your vision and how that translates to your team

See below for package options, and contact me if you have any questions.

I found the series of coaching sessions I had with Debbie to be really valuable in helping me sort through what was a confusing time. I came out the other end feeling positive and focused. I would highly recommend her excellent coaching techniques and personal skills to anyone.
KB, Editor, National magazine

HR Managers

Are you looking for:

  • a tailored solution for one or more of the leaders in your organisation?

  • a programme to increase the confidence of leaders, such as when dealing with difficult conversations or leading team meetings?

  • a programme that develops a wider range of leadership styles (link to ILM72 page) to create more creative and flexible leaders?

  • a programme that develops the resilience (link to resilience page) and mental toughness of leaders to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity?

If so, then

Contact Debbie

Coaching Packages

Ranging from 4 sessions upwards, our coaching packages are created to suit your needs.

The process starts with an initial conversation to identify the outcomes you’re looking for, either for yourself or colleagues in your organization.

I’ll then use the information from this to create and send you a Leadership Coaching Proposal.

To find out more about coaching packages

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