ILM72 Diagnostic Tool

The ILM72 (Integrated Leadership Model) is a diagnostic tool that supports and enhances leadership development. As with the MTQ48 and MTQPlus measures, I am licensed to administer ILM72, and trained to provide follow-up support. I combine this with my extensive coaching and training experience to created added value for this tool.

ILM72 can be mapped to all main leadership models that are used by HR managers, CPD Co-ordinators and trainers, and is the perfect tool to use alongside leadership coaching programmes.

It was created by AQR International and is backed by comprehensive research.


  • It helps to get to the root of what you need more quickly,

  • It provides a more tailored solution for your leadership development,

  • It creates additional value when used in conjunction with our Leadership Coaching programmes

  • It provides that all important value-added return on investment when repeated at the end of your tailored coaching/training programme and your progress can be measured

How it works

  1. Completion of the online questionnaire generates different reports that can be used:
    • as part of a leadership coaching programme,
    • for general and more specific leadership development,
    • as part of an interview or recruitment process for leaders or aspiring leaders

  2. The reports identify:
    • Your overall leadership behaviours, and how effective you are as a result
    • Your leadership style for 6 key areas:
      • Goal achievement
      • Motivating others
      • Engaging others
      • Control of others/situations
      • Recognition
      • Structure

  3. The reports are discussed as part of our work together, with the most useful & relevant information being used to acknowledge your strengths and agree a plan to continue your leadership development.

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