Leadership Development

Are you a leader who wants:

  • to delegate more or say ‘no’ with confidence and without feeling guilty?

  • more tools and techniques for dealing with demotivated or disaffected staff?

  • to spend less time fire-fighting and more time doing what you’d planned to do?

  • a clear focus and positive next steps to take that next step in your career?

  • to know more about your default leadership style and how you can adapt with other styles confidently when the need arises?

  • strategies for helping colleagues deal positively and productively with change?

  • to create a work-life balance that you’re happy with and that’s sustainable?

  • to meet with like-minded leaders in a confidential and supportive environment to discuss issues and find practical solutions?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, you could benefit from one or more of the following options.

1-1 Leadership Coaching

If your ongoing development as a leader is important to you, and you prefer working on a 1-1 basis, leadership coaching is ideal. Together we will tailor your development specifically to your own needs, and you can choose from a range of package options to suit your needs.

If you’re an HR manager looking for a bespoke solution for one or more of your staff, follow the link below for more information, or contact me directly to discuss your needs further.

Previous clients have also benefited from combining leadership coaching with bespoke training on areas such as resilience, leadership confidence and assertiveness, managing difficult conversations and wellbeing.


ILM72 Diagnostic Tool

The Integrated Leadership Model is a diagnostic tool that works perfectly alongside our Leadership Coaching & Strategic Development Group services. It’s been developed by AQR International, backed up by lots of useful research on other diagnostic tools and questionnaires.

ILM72 identifies your default leadership style and shows you where your strengths lie. By working with me you’ll then find out how to maximize these strengths and develop other leadership styles to increase your repertoire, plus many more benefits to you and your team.


Strategic Development Groups

These are for you if you prefer to find solutions in a group setting, you enjoy the creativity that group discussion can bring, and you’re open to learning from others.

Session topics are driven by each group and usually include input on leadership themes, followed by group coaching sessions to ensure each group member leaves the session with actions that are personal to them.

We offer both in-house and open groups and for leaders and HR managers. The frequency of the sessions is flexible and identified by the group.