About Me...

From Leader to Coach

After a highly rewarding and varied career in the education sector, in a variety of roles including Consultant & Deputy Head, I realized I needed a change. I’d become burnt out, succumbing to a constant drive for perfection, without knowing how to successfully manage this. Staff wellbeing wasn’t on the agenda at that time! I knew I had lots of transferable skills, and was happy to learn some new ones too.

This led to taking some careers advice, resulting in 3 new career options. Coaching was one of these. I spent a day as an observer on a coaching course, and I was hooked. I immediately booked on the next course, gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Life & Business Coaching, then set up my business.

Now with 14 years experience coaching leaders and team members, I enjoy combining my training and coaching skills to teach others how to coach, either in-house or as independent coaches. I run a range of different off-the-shelf and bespoke courses, including a 4-day accredited programme.

I like to think I’ve always been self-reflective, but being a coach and engaging in my own coaching supervision made me even more so. This has resulted in an exploration of what I later labeled as my ‘mentally tough mindset’. Until then I hadn’t really put labels on the strategies, ways of thinking and tools that had seen me through some tough times.

I now enjoy sharing mental toughness tools and strategies from my experience, together with research, reading and training on this topic in my training sessions. I also specialize in coaching leaders on the various areas of mental toughness and resilience.


It’s great to be able to use the coaching skills I have to benefit others for free. So far this has taken different forms including:

  • Complimentary coaching sessions

  • A registered coach for the Twitter Coaching initiative

  • One of the coaching team at a local Coaching flashmob event

I am also Chair of a CPD group for coaches and coaches-in-training. My role includes updating the group’s website, sending out newsletters, and helping to get speakers for monthly meetings. We’re based in the East Midlands and are aptly named The 3 Shires Coaching Group (Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire). Check us out, if you’d like to find out more about us or come along to a meeting.

Qualifications / CPD / Memberships

  • Certificate in Life and Business Coaching (Barefoot Coaching)

  • Post-graduate Certificate in Life and Business Coaching (Derby University)

  • Advanced Diploma in Performance Coaching (Newcastle College)

  • MTQ48 & MTQPlus Licensee (AQR)

  • ILM72 Licensee

  • Coach Supervisor (Barefoot Coaching)

  • NLP Practitioner Certificate (Coaching Academy)

  • B.Ed (Hons) (Lancaster University)

I have regular coaching supervision, using my own coach to ensure I stay sharp and provide the best service to my clients.

A natural goal-setter, I’m regularly setting myself challenges which take me out of my comfort zone. These cover both my personal and professional development goals, and involve me putting into practice many of the tools, techniques and mindset strategies that I share in my training sessions.

I am a member of the following organisations:

Hobbies and Work-life Balance

As part of my own work-life balance I enjoy archery - it’s great for focusing the mind. As well as shooting, I get involved in club activities such as organizing the Have-a-Go events. Earlier this year I gained my Level 1 Award in Coaching (Archery GB), and coach on the twice-yearly Beginner’s Courses as well as other events.

Other ways I wind down and relax include:

  • meals out with my husband and friends

  • walking the dogs through the lovely Derbyshire countryside

  • pottering in the garden

  • reading

Now that you know more about me, why not find out what Square 2 is about, and how my range of services can help you.