MTQ48 and MTQPlus Measures

Are you looking for any of the following for yourself or members of your team:

  • Improved individual or team performance - better at managing setbacks, and more likely to stick with tasks until they’re done

  • Adoption of positive behaviours - more likely to respond positively to change, have a more ‘can do’ attitude, and be more engaged

  • Increased wellbeing - dealing better with stress and pressure, and able to relax even after challenging events

  • Increased aspirations – more ambitious, and able to manage more risk

Carrying out either of these psychometric measures will help to fast-track your progress to increasing your mental toughness, and achieving some or all of the outcomes above.

Both measures provide you with a report that identifies your current strengths in the 4 key areas of mental toughness, as well as providing suggestions for areas of development.

The 4 key areas:

  • Challenge - how much you see challenges, change, adversity and variety as threats or as opportunities
  • Confidence - the extent to which you believe you have the ability to deal with challenge, and the inner strength to stand your ground when needed
  • Control - how much you believe you can shape or influence what happens to you, and manage your emotions when doing it
  • Commitment - the ability to stick at something / tenacity

The reports are also valuable starting points for coaching or training on mental toughness

MTQPlus is slightly longer and provides more detailed information on 2 of the areas – Commitment and Challenge.

MTQ48 & Recruitment

Ensure that people you match the right staff with the right roles is really important for any organization, and using the psychometric measure MTQ48 will provide valuable information about an individual’s mental toughness mindset across the 4 key areas mentioned above.

For added value to your recruitment process, use MTQ48 together with the Leadership Diagnostic tool, ILM72 when you’re recruiting people for leadership positions

We provide bespoke packages to suit your needs, including combining the different psychometric measures with 1-1 coaching, training or as part of your recruitment process.

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