Mental Toughness & Resilience

Do you sometimes wish you were more mentally tough or resilient?

Would you like to:

  • Create strategies to bounce back from set-backs more easily and with more energy?

  • Increase your ability to cope positively with work-related pressure and stress?

  • Learn how to feel more in control of situations, including the more emotive ones?

  • Develop positive and powerful strategies for managing daily challenges?

  • Be able to stick at a task or goal without getting distracted and feeling like you’ve wasted time?

  • Feel really confident in your leadership role, or with new leadership responsibilities?

Mental toughness is a personality trait, which determines to an extent how you perform when exposed to stress, pressure and challenge, whatever the situation. Although it has links with genetics, which means some people are ‘born tough’, it can also be developed.

Square Two’s coaching and training options cover a comprehensive range of tools and strategies that can help increase your mental toughness across its 4 key areas, known as the 4 Cs:

  • Challenge - how much you see challenges, change, adversity and variety as threats or as opportunities

  • Confidence - the extent to which you believe you have the ability to deal with challenge, and the inner strength to stand your ground when needed

  • Control - how much you believe you can shape or influence what happens to you, and manage your emotions when doing it

  • Commitment - the ability to stick at something / tenacity

You can develop any and all of these areas via:

  • 1-1 Coaching

  • Mental Toughness Training

Both of these are supported by the MTQ48 and MTQPlus mental toughness measures.

Coaching & Training Options

1-1 Coaching

This is ideal for you if:

  • you enjoy or benefit most from working on a 1-1 basis

  • you like coaching as a support and development model

  • you want to enhance specific areas of mental toughness and resilience

  • you want to be able to show measurable progress with a proven mental toughness measure*

* I am trained and accredited to deliver both the MTQ48 & MTQPlus Mental Toughness diagnostic measures as part of this coaching programme.


Mental Toughness Training

We offer both open and bespoke courses, starting from half-day sessions.