Coaching Supervision

This is for you if you’re:

  • working as a coach within your organisation,

  • an independent coach with your own business,

  • a coach in training

Supervision for Coaches is a relatively new service in the profession to support coaches’ CPD. I’ve engaged in regular supervision for many years, and have experienced its many benefits first hand.

Here are just a few ways in which you’ll benefit from coaching supervision with me:

  • you’ll add greater value to the work you do with coachees

  • you’ll gain greater insight and perspective on your coaching practices

  • you’ll have opportunities to explore new & creative ways of coaching

  • it will help with identifying any unhelpful patterns in your coaching practice

  • it will keep your coaching skills sharp & ensure you don't start developing bad habits

  • if you run your own coaching business, it will help you with different aspects of this

Overall - it will help you deliver the best possible coaching service to your coachees, and ensure the time with them is well spent.

If you’re a coach in training, supervision will maximise your learning, whichever course you’re doing. I’ve supervised several trainee coaches on both coaching courses run by other organisations, as well as my own. All have said it’s a positive and highly valuable experience.

I know that I am a better coach as a result of my own supervision (both in a 1-1 and group setting), and coaches I supervise also talk about the benefits they’ve gained from supervision.

Good, insightful coaching supervision is essential to my development and practice as a coach and Debbie has provided exactly that. Debbie has a warm and encouraging style combined with effective positive challenge. She listens with her full undivided attention and asks thought-provoking, clean questions which enable me to look at issues in my coaching practice and my personal and professional development from fresh perspectives and points of view which I have found invaluable .
Sue Sanford, Personal & Business Development Coach

So what do you do to ensure you keep your skills sharp, develop new ones, and generally ensure you’re providing quality and effective coaching?

How I work

I work with coaches on a 1-1 and group basis, and use a holistic style of supervision, which offers supervision in any and all of the following:

  • how you work as a coach in your organization / business

  • helping you continue to develop your skills and tools

  • ensuring you are adhering to a recognized code of ethics and coaching competencies

  • supporting you and your own wellbeing, so that you’re serving your coachees from a positive and robust position

As with coaching, it’s your responsibility to bring a topic to supervision.

This can include:

  • working on a particular skill, e.g. clean questions, being present etc

  • patterns of your own behaviour which you’d like to reflect on

  • why particular coaching sessions may leave you feeling drained

  • issues with coaching several people on the same team, or building rapport with some coachees

  • generally reflecting on how you're working with current clients / coachees

You’re also encouraged to bring your successes to supervision, as there’s value in exploring what you’re doing well not to mention the positive impact it has on boosting coaching confidence.

Group Supervision

If you like learning from other coaches’ experiences, in addition to the usual benefits from 1-1 supervision, you may want to consider Group Supervision. I run group supervision both online and face-to-face.

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