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Why You Might Be Avoiding Difficult Conversations

10th July 2018

‘Difficult conversations’ is a phrase that crops up regularly as a topic for both 1-1 coaching and staff training. It’s fair to say not many of us relish the opportunity of a difficult conversation. Most people I speak to or…


How to Build Your Confidence in Speaking Assertively

12th February 2015

In 5 Tips for Managing a Challenging Situation Assertively, I outlined 5 key things I use to help me manage challenging situations … usually those I’m not expecting, but you can apply them to situations you’ve got coming up that you…


When objections to change can be positive

6th September 2014

When leading a new change, do you choose to spend your time around those who agree with the change, or those who disagree with the change? It’s very tempting (and preferable!) to do the former of the two. Spending time…


What’s your personal vision for 2014-15?

20th August 2014

In September, many schools spend time revisiting or renewing their school vision. But what about your own personal vision for the year ahead? What are you aiming to achieve for yourself? At the end of last term, or during the holidays,…


Case Study – Team Development

31st March 2014

For my 100th blog post I thought I’d share with you some of the work I’ve done with a client. I’ve worked with this team on several occasions doing a range of training and 1-1 coaching. Although most of my…