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5 Mistakes I Won’t Make This Academic Year

28th August 2015

As I’m thinking about, and planning for, the upcoming academic year, my thoughts are around the things I’m going to do. I’m generally motivated towards my goals (Group A in this post), rather than moving away from the current situation (Group…


10 Ways To Prepare For 2015

28th December 2014

Continuing my theme of ‘Lists of 10s’ (to celebrate 10 years as a qualified coach), this week I’ve combined it with my thoughts on the coming New Year to offer you 10 ways to prepare for 2015. If I’ve missed…


Celebrating 100 blog posts (Part 1)

4th April 2014

Earlier this week I published my 100th blog post, and to celebrate this milestone, I thought I’d share 10 of my favourite posts (5 in this post and 5 in the next one) and why I’ve chosen each one. My…


How To Be A Creative Coach

28th February 2014

How do you get creative as a coach? When we’re working with coachees, we regularly help them to be creative; e.g. when they’re exploring their options or if they feel stuck. Whether you follow the GROW model, another model or…


What’s the Team Vision?

19th February 2013

It’s quite commonplace for a school or organisation to have a vision, and previous blog posts have discussed why this is useful and how you might go about creating and implementing one. But what about the teams within the school? The…