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8 Ways to Sharpen Your Coaching Skills

2nd April 2018

Whether you coach as part of your role in an organisation, or are an independent coach, how do you ensure that your coaching abilities are as good as they can be? Do you have people or systems (or both) that help…


3 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Make A Good Coach

21st March 2018

Not everyone has what it takes to be a coach, especially an effective one. You may have a wide range of skills, strengths and qualities, but are they suitable for coaching someone? Here are a few reasons why someone possibly wouldn’t…


My ‘Favourite’ Coaching Questions

9th March 2018

I guess all coaches will have their favourite questions, or at least ones they ask more often than others. This could be because of models introduced in training, their coaching experience, or preferably both. The longer I’ve been a coach…


#Teacher5aday Goals – July Update

27th July 2015

One thing I’ve learnt over the years – from setting the more traditional New Year’s Resolutions to the more fully formed goals – is that as you step into a new year, all the planning in the world won’t guarantee the outcomes…


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 5

23rd May 2014

#5: It’s All About Next Steps Coaching is about moving forward. In order to do this, changes need to take place outside the coaching session, as well as in it. Talking about making changes in the coaching session is one…