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How to clear the clutter with a Malteser

6th August 2014

The end of term has come and gone, and we’re well into the summer break … So how are you doing with winding down and enjoying the moment? Have you totally managed to switch off, and are now fully engaged in something…


2013 Goals – It's all in the language

14th January 2013

Popular targets people set for themselves are around what they want less of in the year ahead … I want to eat less chocolate I want to lose weight I want to be less stressed I want less clutter I…


De-cluttering Part 2: Mental clutter and tipping points

24th April 2011

In De-cluttering Part 1 I explored the idea that physical clutter is different for each individual. We all have tipping points beyond which our ‘stuff’ becomes clutter and we feel the need to do something about it. In Part 2…


De-cluttering Part 1: The physical stuff and tipping points

6th April 2011

I’ve spent quite a lot of my spare time recently clearing out old books, clothes, games, ornaments, etc., and generally ‘spring cleaning’. During this process I’ve been considering why, every so often, we feel the need to de-clutter. Not everyone…


Feeling the urge to 'Spring Clean' this month?

5th September 2010

Not quite the right time of year – I hear you say? Nevertheless, September is one of the 4 main times over a year where we have urges to make a fresh start, de-clutter, spring clean, etc. The others are:…