The 12 Stress Less Days to Christmas: Day 4

Sunday, 16th December, 2012

Day #4: Pace yourself

istock_000009282229xsmallThere are at least 2 approaches to this …

1. Conserve energy by trying to do the things that are more physically or mentally demanding when you have most energy

First thing in the morning works for me. Some people peak late morning, others can have more than one energy peak during the day.

Don’t try and do all the physically demanding stuff in one go if you can help it. I aim to intersperse the more mentally draining jobs with simpler admin tasks. When I’m successful with this I find it gives me time to recharge the batteries.

When are your energy peaks? And how are you using them?

2. Pace yourself by building in breaks to your day

These don’t need to be particularly long, and could be anything from 5-10 mins during a break/lunchtime to a quick 1 minute fun meditation or focused breathing exercise like this:

Focusing only on your breath …

– breathe in for 6 counts

– hold for 2 counts

– breathe out for 8 counts

What kind of breaks could (or do) you build into your day? How creative could you get with these, or when you do these?

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