The 12 Stress Less Days to Christmas: Day 12

Monday, 24th December, 2012

Day #12: Now just enjoy!!

istock_000017770397xsmallSo hopefully by now – whatever your plans for the next fews days – you’ll be just about ready!

There will need to come a point, if you’re not there already, when you decide that you’ve done as much as you can.

Once you’re there, it’s about enjoying the moment! Make the most of all your experiences over the next few days. Look for the positives, rather than focusing on what’s not gone according to plan.

Maximise those moments with family and friends. Aim to be present with them to savour and enjoy those moments. Don’t let them pass you by without your attention!

Decide that your mindset is going to be a “glass half-full” one … or even one that’s brimming over!

However you are spending this holiday period, make it the best one you can :)

Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful new year!

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