#Teacher5aday Goals Update

Wednesday, 14th January, 2015

An image of a nice clock with time for updateFollowing setting out my stall and putting my goals out there – here’s an update on my goal progress for the #Teacher5aday initiative.

First of all I’d like to say I hope you’re having more success than I am! Progress on my 10 #Teacher5aday goals for the year has got off to a slow start, probably due to wanting to start with my running goal.

Excuses? I seem to be the master of these at the moment … too icy, snow, having a cough, living in the middle of the countryside where it’s pitch black at night (no street lights where I live in Derbyshire) so I’d need to wear lights front and back (and a hi-vis vest!) to be seen by the cars that bomb down the local roads at 60+ miles an hour. Am I selling it?!

Or perhaps I’m being too hard on myself. On reflection (and #noticing what’s happening) I had built in a timescale buffer for these kinds of eventualities, and I’ve still been productive by turning my attention to working on the other goals.

Here’s an overview of where I’m at now (10/10 being goal achieved), with notes for each one on what I need to do to increase my scores.

#Teacher5aday Wheel

If you like this format, and would like a blank #Teacher5aday Wheel to complete for yourself, just let me know and I’ll email it over to you :) Or here’s one you can probably save and print out …

#Teacher5aday Wheel Blank

On reflection, I’ve found that having a range of goals helps when circumstances / things out of my control get in the way. Altering my plans doesn’t mean that the goals won’t be achieved. It’s actually made me think about what I can do to keep the goal alive in my head, whilst I’m waiting to start. Things like … visualising doing runs and enjoying them, and revising my playlist so I can think of the runs as an event to catch up on music I don’t often get chance to listen to.

So how you are getting on?

What do you find is the best way to record your progress, and how are you dealing with your excuses (if you’re having them!)?

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