#Teacher5aday Goals – July Update

Monday, 27th July, 2015

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One thing I’ve learnt over the years – from setting the more traditional New Year’s Resolutions to the more fully formed goals – is that as you step into a new year, all the planning in the world won’t guarantee the outcomes for the year ahead.

You can plan as much as you want, and most of the time you’ll achieve success if you follow through on your actions. But one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is how to deal with the unexpected things that come along. Previously for me it’s been around dealing with health-related curve balls, and in the past couple of years it’s been the growth of my business, and moving from working nationally to internationally.

Achievement of personal goals has always been important to me. (I’m definitely a life-long learner). So I always aim to find ways to adapt my goals to suit renewed circumstances, whenever they present themselves. Being able to self-coach, ask myself useful questions, maintain a positive mindset & follow the tips I set for others, all help of course!

For 2015 chosen 2 methods for achieving my goals:

1. Accepting the #Teacher5aday Challenge by @MartynReah to set goals around the 5 areas of #learn, #notice, #connect, #exercise and #volunteer

2. Having turned the grand (and I like to think ‘wisely youthful’!) age of 50 at the end of last year, I set myself a challenge I’ve called ‘50 Things at 50‘. You can read about the rationale behind this and what the 50 things will include here.

Doing both challenges has been a challenge in itself! You can see, at the time of writing this post I’ve only got as far as recording 15 of the 50 things I aim to do on that second challenge, although some are in the pipeline because they are longer-term, bigger projects. (Follow this link to follow the blog and see how I get on over the year!)

For the #Teacher5aday challenge I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to make some progress. The following Wellbeing Wheel shows where I’m at now, and what else I plan to do to achieve the individual goals.

Screenshot 2015-07-27 14.49.28

I’m pleased to say I’ve achieved my #Volunteer goal, plus I took part in a Coaching Flash Mob event (also part of my 50 Things Challenge) earlier this year, which means I’ve exceeded the goal!

Otherwise, all the other areas are progressing, and should be achieved before the end of the year. I’ve added the MTQ48 Licensed User Workshop (2-day event) to the #Learn section, as I felt the piano target I’d previously set wasn’t enough of a new or challenging area for me! Attending this workshop will give me additional skills to add more value to my clients (all around Mental Toughness and Resilience).

I’ve struggled a bit with the archery, and not as far on as I’d like, mainly due to time. But I still see my target (no pun intended!) as achievable by the end of the year.

How are you getting on with your goals for 2015?

How do you overcome any obstacles?

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