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Monday, 15th December, 2014

bigstock-Businessman-meditating-at-offi-31079492What a fabulous idea of Martyn’s (@MartynReah) to set up a focus on Teacher Wellbeing for January 2015, under the hashtag #teacher5aday.

Martyn’s sent out an invitation (and challenge!) to educators to post blogs and tweet about how they will be focusing on their own wellbeing next month.

There are 5 topic areas to choose from:


January 2015 - CalendarI know there are already several people who have committed to joining with Martyn and supporting this initiative, pledging to do something that will improve their wellbeing next month, and hopefully beyond! And this list is growing daily.

If you were to do something towards your wellbeing, which of the above topics would you choose?

Which jump out at you?

Me? So far I’ll be committing to the following:


Having had major surgery this summer – top of my list for next year is my health, and exercise will be a key part of this. I’ll be taking up running, getting back on my bike, and doing longer walks with the dogs.


I will continue to volunteer as a Coach for the #TwitterCoaching initiative, led by Amjad Ali (@ASTsupportAAli), and will offer coaching sessions as raffle prizes for TeachMeet groups, as I’ve recently done for Martyn’s group. I’ll also be volunteering & sharing ideas on wellbeing through my usual blog posts.


photo (4)

I took up archery last year, and after going into hospital this summer, it’s  taken a back seat. So I’ll be focusing on learning as much as I can to catch up next year. It’s such a great hobby/sport to take your mind off everything else. A great ‘switch-off’ activity! Please note – this isn’t my garden!

I used to play the piano too, and now it just sits there gathering dust. So I’ll be committing to learning a new piece each couple of months next year. (If you’re lucky, I might even record one and stick it on YouTube as evidence!)


Having family and friends spread around the country makes it difficult to connect with, and see them, as much as I want to. Next year I’ll be looking for more effective ways to do this.


I’m pretty good at noticing what I’m doing well and not so well. I’m good at reflecting on my coaching and training. What I want to do more is use journalling to record my learnings, rather than keeping them in my head. I’ve done it before, and it’s proven to be quite a cathartic exercise. I’ve recently bought The Reflective Journal by Barbara Bassot, and I’d recommend it if you’re into reflective practice. I have a large birthday (rhymes with ‘nifty’!) between Christmas and New Year, and that in itself is making me be even more reflective, and notice and appreciate things even more!

Other people’s wellbeing, particularly school leaders and teachers, is the main part of my day job now, having previously taught for 16 years. Therefore it’s important that I practice what I preach. So, as well as sharing my own wellbeing journey next year, I’ll also be sharing wellbeing tips and tools.

Here are a couple of posts on setting yourself goals or targets, as starters, that you might find useful …

What do you want for 2013 (applicable for 2015!!)

2013 Goals – It’s all in the language

For those of you with big goals next year (or they feel big!) … I don’t know who said it, but I’m often encouraged by the following quote. It certainly helped me make the transition from teacher to coach:

Take the leap and the net will appearGold Fish jumping from one fish bowl to another

Looking forward to hearing about your successes too, if you’re taking part in #Teacher5aday. Feel free to share below :-)


_MG_9371-EditThank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

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