Creating a Circle of Excellence

Friday, 31st January, 2014


Do you have a Circle of Excellence in your Resources Toolbox?

This is a resource that you create and use to maximise your performance for a given situation.

You decide the situation, and you choose which resource(s) would be most useful for this situation.

The situations could be work, family, social, hobby or goal-related. For example …

  • giving a presentation
  • dealing with a difficult situation
  • teaching a class / group of children
  • delivering a 1-1 coaching or mentoring session
  • your ‘family’ role
  • your ‘leadership’ role
  • entering a sporting competition

Here’s how to create and use your circle of excellence

1. Make sure you’re somewhere where you won’t be interrupted. Choose a scenario, e.g. leading a team meeting.

2. Imagine a circle on the floor in front of you, about a step away, and imagine this circle has a clear boundary.

3. Now think of all the important resources you’ll need for your scenario and put them in your circle, e.g.

  • self-esteem
  • perseverance
  • ability to ask good questions
  • a decent dose of positive thinking
  • all the relevant data/information that you’ll need to lead the meeting well

As you put them into the circle, imagine what each one will look / feel / sound like.

There’s no set number of resources, but don’t pick too many (only the most important ones!) as it becomes too hard to imagine and manage a lot of them.

Here’s how it might look with those resources added …

Circle of Excellence_1

5. Add a colour to the circle, if it seems appropriate.

6. Once you feel you have all the important resources in your circle for your given scenario, step into the circle and feel those resources flowing into and through you. If you’ve chosen a colour, see it washing over you.

7. Step out of the circle and ‘shake off’ this resourceful state; walk around a bit if it helps.

8. Now bring to mind again the scenario you’ve chosen; the one where you want to have this resourceful state.

9. Imagine you’re just about to walk into that situation, and as you do, step back into the circle taking on board all those useful resources.

10. Practise this technique a few times, so that you can do it easily when your chosen scenario occurs for real!

In which kind of situation would you find this technique most useful?

Tdebbie019 fhank you for taking time to read this blog.

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