Celebrating 100 blog posts (Part 2)

Thursday, 10th April, 2014

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Last week I shared 5 of my 10 favourite blog posts to date.

Here are my other 5, and why I chose them.


6. What’s your personal best?

This one’s a favourite because of the inspiration for it – London 2012 Olympics and the successes for the athletes, organisers and volunteers alike.

In this post I discuss the idea that a personal best doesn’t just have to be about sport.

7. The pros and cons of being a people pleaser!

Ever find your own time management is suffering because you’re too busy doing things for others?

As well as procrastination, the idea of needing to please others / not let others down, is a common issue around time management.

I’ve included this post in my top 10 because it offers a positive view of this label, as well as offering a solution for overdoing it!

8. What’s the team vision?istock_000017185027xsmall

I like this one because it extends the idea of a whole school vision to one where school teams have their own visions too.

It includes an exercise to help teams create one :-)

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

9. 3 ways to be a great teacher coach

As my training of teachers in coaching skills has increased, I’ve been adding more blog posts to help teachers who are coaches in schools.

This is a topic I love, so it had to be in this Top 10 list!

Case Study on Desktop Calendar.10. Case study – Team development

As I’d included my 1st ever blog post in this list, it seemed only right to include my 100th!

This one is a bit of a show-and-tell, as I share a success story of my work with a local authority team of SEN teachers.


Do you have any favourites from the posts above?

What would be in your top 10 list of blogs? Feel free to include links to them in the comments box below!

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