Celebrating 100 blog posts (Part 1)

Friday, 4th April, 2014

Centenarian CelebrationEarlier this week I published my 100th blog post, and to celebrate this milestone, I thought I’d share 10 of my favourite posts (5 in this post and 5 in the next one) and why I’ve chosen each one.

My journey to get here has been a mixture of full steam ahead, stuttering and stalling, then a more sustained pace. There has been much learning along the way, including finding my own ‘style’ (pictures are a must!) This blog includes my 1st ever blog post, a couple of posts on personal learning, and a couple based on my experience as a coach/trainer in schools.

Would love to hear your thoughts on any of the posts below, or what your own top 5 (or 10) blog posts are.

Networking in US1. Networking in the US

This is on the list because it was my first ever post! It’s more of a diary entry than the ‘tips and information’ themes, which subsequent posts became.

There was also some learning for me here, about taking advantage of opportunities and getting out of my comfort zone.

 2. What are the top 3 features of an emerging leader?

One of my earlier blog posts on leadership, I enjoyed the collaboration via Twitter with other education professionals for this post.

I also like the way this post suggests leadership can happen at any level, not just at middle or senior leader level. It’s a topic that comes up when coaching teachers in the early part of their career.

View Of Modern Iron On Ironing Board3. Ever tried blog-ironing?

This one’s important to me because it marked a realisation that when I’m stuck thinking about what to post (or doing any kind of writing) – sitting at the computer, or even in a more comfortable chair with pen and paper, isn’t always the answer.

I seem to think better when I’m doing something physical that doesn’t involve much thought!

4. Quitting isn’t an option

In February 2011 I did a 28 Day Blog Challenge, with the main aim of giving myself a challenge. Part way through I needed to overcome some personal obstacles, and it was a particularly challenging time. This poem gave me a boost and I made the 28 posts (actually did 29!)

Favourite line from the poem? “Success is failure turned inside out.”

red poison dart frog5. Eat that frog and reduce procrastination

Procrastination regularly comes up in coaching and training sessions that are around time management. I like the idea that it’s the smart, creative people who have the most undecided things on their To Do lists (I’m one of them!)

I like this post because of the slightly quirky/fun elements to a couple of the tips.

 Do you have a favourite post of yours you’d like to share here?

 Drop a link to it, and why you like it, in the comments box below :)

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