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Why You Might Be Avoiding Difficult Conversations

10th July 2018

‘Difficult conversations’ is a phrase that crops up regularly as a topic for both 1-1 coaching and staff training. It’s fair to say not many of us relish the opportunity of a difficult conversation. Most people I speak to or…


How do you support new team members?

24th August 2014

Do you have new staff joining your team this autumn? How will you help them settle in and become an effective team member, not to mention feel happy about working on your team? Is it just down to them pulling their…


Case Study – Team Development

31st March 2014

For my 100th blog post I thought I’d share with you some of the work I’ve done with a client. I’ve worked with this team on several occasions doing a range of training and 1-1 coaching. Although most of my…


Are you a team of leaders?

25th February 2013

You may not be a team leader in the official sense, but you may have taken the lead on something that your team has done. These days teams work at speed, with several things happening at once. Quite often this…


Types of Team Support

22nd February 2013

How do your team colleagues support you? Support can come in all forms, and sometimes when you don’t expect it. A great team is mindful of its members, and can sense when they are ‘off par’ and either need time…