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What’s Your Biggest Weakness At Work?

23rd April 2017

Those of you who’ve worked with me will know that I’m generally up-beat and have a positive outlook on life. So why the negative topic? Over the Easter break I had to take a long, hard look at my general…


How Helpful Are the Beliefs You Currently Hold as a Leader?

10th April 2016

Which beliefs do you hold about your capabilities as a leader (whether that’s subject leader, project leader, team leader, key stage leader or school leader)? Are your beliefs about your leadership abilities clear, or a little fuzzy? Do you believe…


How to Build Your Confidence in Speaking Assertively

12th February 2015

In 5 Tips for Managing a Challenging Situation Assertively, I outlined 5 key things¬†I use to help me manage challenging situations … usually those I’m not expecting, but you can apply them to situations you’ve got coming up that you…


When objections to change can be positive

6th September 2014

When leading a new change, do you choose to spend your time around those who agree with the change, or those who disagree with the change? It’s very tempting (and preferable!) to do the former of the two. Spending time…


How do you support new team members?

24th August 2014

Do you have new staff joining your team this autumn? How will you help them settle in and become an effective team member, not to mention feel happy about¬†working on your team? Is it just down to them pulling their…