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8 Ways to Sharpen Your Coaching Skills

2nd April 2018

Whether you coach as part of your role in an organisation, or are an independent coach, how do you ensure that your coaching abilities are as good as they can be? Do you have people or systems (or both) that help…


3 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Make A Good Coach

21st March 2018

Not everyone has what it takes to be a coach, especially an effective one. You may have a wide range of skills, strengths and qualities, but are they suitable for coaching someone? Here are a few reasons why someone possibly wouldn’t…


My ‘Favourite’ Coaching Questions

9th March 2018

I guess all coaches will have their favourite questions, or at least ones they ask more often than others. This could be because of models introduced in training, their coaching experience, or preferably both. The longer I’ve been a coach…


5 Mistakes I Won’t Make This Academic Year

28th August 2015

As I’m thinking about, and planning for, the upcoming academic year, my thoughts are around the things I’m going to do. I’m generally motivated towards my goals (Group A in this post), rather than moving away from the current situation (Group…


Putting Plans Into Action

30th December 2014

In Supporting Teacher Wellbeing (as part of @MartynReah‘s #Teacher5aday initiative) I offered my initial thoughts and commitment to some of my 2015 goals – under the 5 designated areas. Saying what I’d like to achieve and achieving it are not…