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5 Mistakes I Won’t Make This Academic Year

28th August 2015

As I’m thinking about, and planning for, the upcoming academic year, my thoughts are around the things I’m going to do. I’m generally motivated towards my goals (Group A in this post), rather than moving away from the current situation (Group…


Putting Plans Into Action

30th December 2014

In Supporting Teacher Wellbeing (as part of @MartynReah‘s #Teacher5aday initiative) I offered my initial thoughts and commitment to some of my 2015 goals – under the 5 designated areas. Saying what I’d like to achieve and achieving it are not…


10 Favourite Coaching Tools

13th December 2014

At the end of November I celebrated 10 years as a qualified coach! I’m quite proud of this achievement and am taking some time out in December to reflect on how far I’ve come, what I’ve learned, and where I’m…


Where Do You Start Your Coaching Sessions?

1st June 2014

As a coach – how do you start your coaching sessions? If it’s a very 1st session, you may start by setting expectations, clarifying what coaching is, identifying session frequency, signing a coaching agreement, and agreeing the coaching focus area(s)….


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 5

23rd May 2014

#5: It’s All About Next Steps Coaching is about moving forward. In order to do this, changes need to take place outside the coaching session, as well as in it. Talking about making changes in the coaching session is one…