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Revisiting your school vision this autumn?

13th July 2012

Thinking of re-connecting with or revising your school vision next term? I realise that it’s a few weeks off as I write this, but the start of a new term is a great time to look again at your school…


How's your resilience holding up?

2nd July 2012

During periods of constant change or excessive pressure, what often keeps us going is our resilience. Resilience = the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, or having a level of toughness. So how do you top up your resilience levels?…


Maximising Relationships With Your Senior Leadership Team

23rd April 2012

How strong is your relationship with your SLT? Could it be even better? Successful leadership and management of a school (or other organisation/business) relies in part on a leadership team which is strong individually and collectively. The size of the SLT…


Planning for a stress-free summer

16th April 2012

As we embark on a new term, the last of this academic year, what are your thoughts about how it will unfold? Are they filled with excitement, enthusiasm and energy? Or do you start like this, then the enthusiasm wanes…


De-cluttering tips

11th April 2012

Easter is another one of those times in the year when people feel the need to set goals / make a fresh start. I’ve recently been having a clothing clear-out, although with the weather extremes lately, it’s difficult to know…


Love what you do #3: Maximise your strengths

10th February 2012

I’ve always found that making the most of what I’m good at ensures I enjoy my job more. Knowing what I’m good at comes from different areas: I get feedback from others when I coach or train them I feel…


Love What You Do #2: Stretch Yourself

7th February 2012

… Not quite what I meant! Although I admire you if you can do this! In this second post in the Love What You Do series, I’m talking about stretching yourself mentally … encouraging you to venture out of your comfort…


Love What You Do #1: Get Clarity

6th February 2012

To celebrate International Coaching Week I’ve put together a series of tips to help maximise what you do at work. This Love What You Do series starts today with Tip 1: Get Clarity! [NB I write this series of tips…


Motivate me! (Part 2)

3rd February 2012

So … how do you know that you’ve done a good job? In Part 1 I posed this question and encouraged you to answer it as fully as possible, and in relation to a particular work-based target. If you’ve not…


Motivate me! (Part 1)

28th January 2012

Leaders beware … your staff may appear enthusiastic, driven and motivated, but is it just for show? Do your staff say what they think you want to hear? Or are their responses an honest reflection of how motivated they are?…