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What creates better performance at work?

22nd October 2012

In previous blogs I’ve shared my thoughts on some of the different styles of motivation, and how you can use this knowledge to motivate yourself and your team/colleagues. I like the idea that motivation isn’t just about the traditional ‘carrot and…


What’s your Personal Best?

17th September 2012

Just over a week ago the closing ceremony for the Paralympics drew to a close what’s been an amazing run of success stories for athletes this summer from across the globe – both from the Olympics and the Paralympics. Many…


Communication: speaking the same language as your team

3rd September 2012

Have you ever been in a situation, either as a team leader of team member, where you feel the person you’re speaking with just isn’t really listening? … They don’t get it … They can’t see what you’re trying to…


An INSET day to get the year started

29th August 2012

My memories of the 1st day back in September … A quick catch-up with colleagues; sometimes relaxed, but usually hurried … a general sense of purpose in the air Whole school staff meeting; taking the form of a ‘Welcome Back’ from…


Taking on a leadership role this autumn? (Part 3)

27th August 2012

In this 3rd and final part of the current ‘Taking on a leadership role …’ series, the focus is on confidence. 3. Confidence So, how ready are you, and how confident do you currently feel about your upcoming leadership role? Give…


Taking on a leadership role this autumn? (Part 2)

26th August 2012

So how’s your preparation going for the start of the new term (if you haven’t already started!)? And does it include prep for a new leadership role? In Part 1 I introduced the first of 3 key areas that will…


Taking on a leadership role this autumn? (Part 1)

7th August 2012

Whether you’re taking on a new curriculum area, a key stage responsibility, leading a specific project, becoming head of department, assistant head, deputy head, or head this autumn, you’ll no doubt have already started thinking about (if not planning too)…


Connecting with the real you

1st August 2012

When we’re in the thick of it at work we often find ourselves being pulled in different directions, with different demands on our time and energies. We are different things to different people. We rarely have time for ourselves. So when…


Implementing a school vision

23rd July 2012

In this 3rd and final blog in the current series on school vision, I turn my attention to implementing the vision So the vision is set and you know what you’re aiming for. What’s next? Let’s look at this in 4…


Creating a school vision

16th July 2012

In a survey I carried out with schools across the UK on creating a school vision, I asked the question: “How did your school vision come about?” The main responses were: From the Head, in consultation with all staff (58% respondents)…