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When generalisations are unhelpful

30th July 2013

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a comment, such as ‘Women can’t read maps’? Or ‘Men don’t listen’ … And when was the last time you were the perpetrator of such a comment; e.g. …‘You never offer…


The Pros and Cons of Being a People Pleaser!

11th April 2013

Do you find yourself struggling to manage your time because you’re too busy running around after others? Do you find it hard to say ‘no’ to requests for help/support and end up working late to catch up on your work?…


Are you a team of leaders?

25th February 2013

You may not be a team leader in the official sense, but you may have taken the lead on something that your team has done. These days teams work at speed, with several things happening at once. Quite often this…


Types of Team Support

22nd February 2013

How do your team colleagues support you? Support can come in all forms, and sometimes when you don’t expect it. A great team is mindful of its members, and can sense when they are ‘off par’ and either need time…


What’s the Team Vision?

19th February 2013

It’s quite commonplace for a school or organisation to have a vision, and previous blog posts have discussed why this is useful and how you might go about creating and implementing one. But what about the teams within the school? The…


3 Rs of a solid team

4th February 2013

How solid is your team? – How do you know? – What would you consider to be the foundations of a great team? When I say ‘team’ – this could mean the whole staff team or, more typically, one of…


2013 Goals – It's all in the language

14th January 2013

Popular targets people set for themselves are around what they want less of in the year ahead … I want to eat less chocolate I want to lose weight I want to be less stressed I want less clutter I…


What do you want in 2013?

2nd January 2013

As you look forward into 2013, allow yourself time to consider what you actually want.  Give yourself a few days at least to think about what you achieved last year, what worked, what didn’t, and perhaps why … this will…


The 12 Stress Less Days to Christmas: Day 12

24th December 2012

Day #12: Now just enjoy!! So hopefully by now – whatever your plans for the next fews days – you’ll be just about ready! There will need to come a point, if you’re not there already, when you decide that…


The 12 Stress Less Days to Christmas: Day 11

23rd December 2012

Day #11: Look after yourself! The main reason why today’s blog is later than usual is because I’ve had to follow my own advice!  Following a particularly long journey over the weekend, I ended up with a thumping headache which…