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Celebrating 100 blog posts (Part 1)

4th April 2014

Earlier this week I published my 100th blog post, and to celebrate this milestone, I thought I’d share 10 of my favourite posts (5 in this post and 5 in the next one) and why I’ve chosen each one. My…


Case Study – Team Development

31st March 2014

For my 100th blog post I thought I’d share with you some of the work I’ve done with a client. I’ve worked with this team on several occasions doing a range of training and 1-1 coaching. Although most of my…


3 Ways To Be A Great Teacher Coach

22nd March 2014

In 3 Ways to be a Great Coach, I suggested some general ways that you can ensure you’re doing your best as a coach. In this post I’m turning my attention to some of the areas that are key to…


How To Be A Creative Coach

28th February 2014

How do you get creative as a coach? When we’re working with coachees, we regularly help them to be creative; e.g. when they’re exploring their options or if they feel stuck. Whether you follow the GROW model, another model or…


3 Ways To Be A Great Coach

23rd February 2014

How do you ensure you’re delivering your best? As coaches we spend so much time focusing on the coachee, we can forget to focus on ourselves. But we must ensure we put aside a decent proportion of time and energy…


Are you listening to me?

15th February 2014

For coaches, listening is one of the most important skills they need to have. If they’re not listening, they can’t ask the right questions at the right time. If they can’t ask the right questions, they won’t be able to…


Creating a Circle of Excellence

31st January 2014

Do you have a Circle of Excellence in your Resources Toolbox? This is a resource that you create and use to maximise your performance for a given situation. You decide the situation, and you choose which resource(s) would be most…


How to calm your nerves

26th January 2014

Working towards goals and targets should involve stepping out of your comfort zone, otherwise there’s no point going for them. When you step out of your comfort zone, your level of anxiety/nervousness rises, and that’s OK, because you should be…


Do You Need A Carrot Or A Stick?

15th January 2014

When you set goals/targets for the term ahead, do you stick with them or soon start to waver? The start of a new term often throws up things we hadn’t catered for, which can impact on the plans we’d already made for…


Your values and how they impact on your work

21st August 2013

When was the last time you considered what’s important to you / what you value? Values are what drive your decisions and your behaviour. Values affect how you choose your friends, what hobbies/interests you pursue, and may also affect which jobs/car you…