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10 Favourite Coaching Tools

13th December 2014

At the end of November I celebrated 10 years as a qualified coach! I’m quite proud of this achievement and am taking some time out in December to reflect on how far I’ve come, what I’ve learned, and where I’m…


When objections to change can be positive

6th September 2014

When leading a new change, do you choose to spend your time around those who agree with the change, or those who disagree with the change? It’s very tempting (and preferable!) to do the former of the two. Spending time…


3 Tools to Sustain a Positive Start to the New Term

30th August 2014

Most teachers I speak to at this time of year are full of enthusiasm, renewed energy, hope, ideas and positivity. I was the same when I taught. Sometimes it was tinged with nerves and apprehension – but that just kept…


How do you support new team members?

24th August 2014

Do you have new staff joining your team this autumn? How will you help them settle in and become an effective team member, not to mention feel happy about working on your team? Is it just down to them pulling their…


What’s your personal vision for 2014-15?

20th August 2014

In September, many schools spend time revisiting or renewing their school vision. But what about your own personal vision for the year ahead? What are you aiming to achieve for yourself? At the end of last term, or during the holidays,…


How to clear the clutter with a Malteser

6th August 2014

The end of term has come and gone, and we’re well into the summer break … So how are you doing with winding down and enjoying the moment? Have you totally managed to switch off, and are now fully engaged in something…


Where Do You Start Your Coaching Sessions?

1st June 2014

As a coach – how do you start your coaching sessions? If it’s a very 1st session, you may start by setting expectations, clarifying what coaching is, identifying session frequency, signing a coaching agreement, and agreeing the coaching focus area(s)….


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 5

23rd May 2014

#5: It’s All About Next Steps Coaching is about moving forward. In order to do this, changes need to take place outside the coaching session, as well as in it. Talking about making changes in the coaching session is one…


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 4

22nd May 2014

#4: Two-Way Feedback As a coach – how do you know how well the coaching session is going? What clues do you use to find this out? I believe that using feedback is one of the key elements of a successful coaching session….


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 3

21st May 2014

Welcome to Part 3 of my 5-post series on the essentials of an effective coaching programme. As you may recall, if you’ve followed the posts so far this week – this series is celebrating International Coaching Week here in the…