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How to clear the clutter with a Malteser

6th August 2014

The end of term has come and gone, and we’re well into the summer break … So how are you doing with winding down and enjoying the moment? Have you totally managed to switch off, and are now fully engaged in something…


Where Do You Start Your Coaching Sessions?

1st June 2014

As a coach – how do you start your coaching sessions? If it’s a very 1st session, you may start by setting expectations, clarifying what coaching is, identifying session frequency, signing a coaching agreement, and agreeing the coaching focus area(s)….


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 5

23rd May 2014

#5: It’s All About Next Steps Coaching is about moving forward. In order to do this, changes need to take place outside the coaching session, as well as in it. Talking about making changes in the coaching session is one…


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 4

22nd May 2014

#4: Two-Way Feedback As a coach – how do you know how well the coaching session is going? What clues do you use to find this out? I believe that using feedback is one of the key elements of a successful coaching session….


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 3

21st May 2014

Welcome to Part 3 of my 5-post series on the essentials of an effective coaching programme. As you may recall, if you’ve followed the posts so far this week – this series is celebrating International Coaching Week here in the…


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 2

20th May 2014

#2: A Positive Start In Part 1 – Effective Preparation I suggested ways you can prepare for a coaching engagement. This sows the seeds for a positive start, but let’s now focus on this in more detail. Here are a few…


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 1

19th May 2014

To celebrate International Coaching Week I’ve put together a short series of blog posts on the essential elements of running a coaching programme in your school. They are aimed at teachers who are trained in coaching skills, but will also…


A Coaching Case Study

30th April 2014

Background The Headteacher of the school where I was delivering coaching to several of its staff had created a 1 year post to maximize the strengths of one of the teachers (whom I’ll call ‘Jane’). This post was linked to…


Using feedback to improve a coaching session

16th April 2014

This post has been inspired by a recent coaching session. I received feedback from the coachee mid-session, which made me change the phrasing of the questions I was asking him. This became a turning point in the session, and seemed to…


Celebrating 100 blog posts (Part 2)

10th April 2014

Last week I shared 5 of my 10 favourite blog posts to date. Here are my other 5, and why I chose them.   6. What’s your personal best? This one’s a favourite because of the inspiration for it – London…