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28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

1st February 2011

So why the challenge? One of my goals for 2011 is to increase the frequency of my blogs to at least one a week. (See How smart are SMART goals for more on this.) I chose the 28 Day Challenge…


How Smart are SMART Goals?

17th January 2011

In my New Year’s Resolutions are Ineffective blog I revealed one of the top tips of coaches (from a recent survey/discussion forum) were for goals to be SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. However, there was some debate…


New Year’s Resolutions are Ineffective …

17th January 2011

So, we’re approaching that time of year when New Year’s resolutions start to get broken…. How are you faring? If you’re going strong, achieving success and are confident of attaining the end result, then you probably have a winning formula,…


Coaching for Kids – Part 2

18th November 2010

In this blog, I continue where I left off in Part 1 and look at exploring targets further for maximum benefit. So you’ve set the target with the child, what’s next? Part 2 – Exploring targets I remember setting maths…


Coaching for Kids – Part 1

5th October 2010

To mark the start of my daily “Coaching 4 kids” tips on Twitter, I’m combining these with a set of blogs on the topic of using coaching with children. Being a coach with a background in education, I guess you…


Feeling the urge to 'Spring Clean' this month?

5th September 2010

Not quite the right time of year – I hear you say? Nevertheless, September is one of the 4 main times over a year where we have urges to make a fresh start, de-clutter, spring clean, etc. The others are:…


Practising the art of leadership

19th August 2010

Last week I suggested the top 3 features of an emerging leader were the three I‘s of Influencing, Inspiring and Ideas. This week I’m looking at the next stage of leading from the middle, where practising leaders develop their skills. Firstly,…


What are the top 3 features of an emerging leader?

9th August 2010

Last month I asked the question, via Twitter, “What do you think are the Top 3 features of an emerging leader?” Before I share the responses, and my own thoughts, I will provide a brief context. At the time, I…


Eat that frog and reduce procrastination

5th July 2010

Whilst working with a client recently on time management and procrastination, I was reminded of the book Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy. My client was discussing doing the things he didn’t enjoy (his ‘frogs’) first thing, making the rest…


Ever tried blog-ironing?

1st May 2010

So what is “Blog-ironing”? For me it’s the same as blog-hoovering, blog-dusting/cleaning, blog-gardening …. in fact blog-anything that doesn’t involve much thought, and where you have the time and mental space to think of things other than what you’re doing….