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A postcard from the future

9th March 2011

If you were to send yourself a postcard from the future, say a year from now, what would you like it to say? What will be different about you? What will your business / career look like? What will have…


28 Day Blog Challenge Learnings

3rd March 2011

YES! I’ve achieved my 28 Day Blog Challenge and it’s time to celebrate! But before I do this, I always like to look back at what I’ve learned. My learnings … I have a Blog chair! When you compose a…


Celebrating achievements

28th February 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 28!! We work hard, we have expectations of ourselves, we set ourselves targets and goals But what happens when we achieve them? Do we celebrate the achievements or ignore them?       Do…


The power of doing nothing

27th February 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 27 How often do you do nothing? We lead such busy lives, we rarely find time to switch off, take time out, unwind. Perhaps a more important question to ask is: What does “doing…


Do you crack under pressure?

26th February 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 26 Yesterday’s blog introduced a discussion about ways we deal with pressure and how we respond to pressured situations. Today I continue with this theme and suggest some tactics you can use when feeling…


How well do you know your ABCs?

25th February 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 25 Before I start, just to clarify … this isn’t about knowing your alphabet, or spellings! Rather – consider this scenario … James is sitting in traffic on his way to deliver a seminar…


Why the clutter?

24th February 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 24 Coinciding with the appearance of snowdrops, daffodils and tulips, I’ve been thinking about spring cleaning and de-cluttering. With the de-cluttering bit coming before I can clean any spaces, I’ve so far sorted 2…


I assume, therefore I am right!

23rd February 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 23 In my last blog I introduced the idea of making assumptions about situations, and shared with you my culinary disaster story. Today I’m focusing on assumptions about people. In coaching, it’s important that the…


Making assumptions and the balloon whisk

22nd February 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 22 I’ve recently taken to developing my culinary skills and bought the new Jamie Oliver “30 minute meals” cook book. So far, the recipes have proven to be very tasty and if I can…


Want more confidence in the workplace?

21st February 2011

28 Day Blog Challenge – Day 21 What builds confidence at work? self belief? positive feedback? achieving success? having clear focus and direction? How much do you enjoy what you do, and how much of that is a reflection of…