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Wellbeing Pledge for 2017

1st January 2017

If you’re familiar with the #Teacher5aday initiative on Twitter, you’ll probably already know about the pledge to share what you will do in the year ahead to support your wellbeing. If you’ve not come across this before, a quick catch-up can…


How Helpful Are the Beliefs You Currently Hold as a Leader?

10th April 2016

Which beliefs do you hold about your capabilities as a leader (whether that’s subject leader, project leader, team leader, key stage leader or school leader)? Are your beliefs about your leadership abilities clear, or a little fuzzy? Do you believe…


5 Mistakes I Won’t Make This Academic Year

28th August 2015

As I’m thinking about, and planning for, the upcoming academic year, my thoughts are around the things I’m going to do. I’m generally motivated towards my goals (Group A in this post), rather than moving away from the current situation (Group…


#Teacher5aday Goals – July Update

27th July 2015

One thing I’ve learnt over the years – from setting the more traditional New Year’s Resolutions to the more fully formed goals – is that as you step into a new year, all the planning in the world won’t guarantee the outcomes…


How to Build Your Confidence in Speaking Assertively

12th February 2015

In 5 Tips for Managing a Challenging Situation Assertively, I outlined 5 key things I use to help me manage challenging situations … usually those I’m not expecting, but you can apply them to situations you’ve got coming up that you…


5 Tips for Managing a Challenging Situation Assertively

11th February 2015

When you’re faced with a challenging situation, e.g. an angry staff member/parent, what’s your default position? Do you tend to become more passive, aggressive, or confidently assertive? When I was younger, and didn’t have the tools or confidence I have…


The Value of A Different Perspective

27th January 2015

Inspired by the #Teacher5aday drive to focus on wellbeing, including noticing things around us more, I’ve been out and about taking photos.  I usually have my phone with me to capture interesting views, and with the recent snowfall where I live,…


Developing New Habits & Changing Expectations

19th January 2015

We’re over half-way into January, around the time when goals / resolutions tend to be broken (or even given up on!) So how are you managing with yours? Are you still on target, or have there been a few misses? I…


#Teacher5aday Goals Update

14th January 2015

Following setting out my stall and putting my goals out there – here’s an update on my goal progress for the #Teacher5aday initiative. First of all I’d like to say I hope you’re having more success than I am! Progress on my…


Tools For Reflective Practice

8th January 2015

Whether you’re thinking of starting a learning log, a journal or reflective diary (perhaps to reflect on your progress towards this year’s goals), the process of recording your thoughts will involve asking and answering some searching questions. The questions you…